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Water tools & bubblers

Enhance your vape experience with a number of glass water tools and bubblers. Connecting your vaporizer to a bubbler produces the coolest and softest vapour possible.

Glass water tools & bubblers at Azarius

Water tools can be universal or specially designed for a vaporizer model. Azarius carries a great number of glass bubblers, replacement parts, mouthpieces and adapters for building the perfect vape set-up.


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The bubbler for FlowerMate mini v5.0 enhances the vapor flavour and cools it down making all in all smoother hits.

1 stycke - 17,63 US$

Hand-blown glass bubbler mouthpiece from Easy Flow cools the vapour as you inhale and you won't need any additional water tools or adapters. Suitable for the Air and Solo.

1 piece - 35,87 US$

Borosilicate glass water adapter suitable for the Arizer Air, Arizer Solo and Solo II vaporizer, allowing you to connect your vaporizer to any water pipe. Cooled air means the vapour…
The custom made straight water tool adapter lets you hook up your Ascent vaporizer to any bong with a 14 mm or 18 mm fitting, for a much cooler and…
This U-shaped water tool adapter was specifically built for the Ascent vaporizer. The uniquely shaped 100% glass piece allows for the hands free use of loose leaf or oils.
Turn your Boundless CFV vaporizer into a portable bubbler with this water tool. Get ready for some cool vapour!

1 stycke - 23,71 US$

Universal water pipe adapter for the Boundless CF and CFX.

1 stycke - 23,71 US$

Bubbler for the FlowerMate V5.0S brings a new flavour to your vapor.

1 stycke - 17,63 US$

Smooth, bubbly bubbles bounce through the Easy Flow Bubbler Glass Bomb Tower. Creating delicious clouds, that help you to get as high as a kite.

1 piece - 71,75 US$

Replace the Crafty or Mighty's stock plastic mouthpiece with a glass one, for a fresher, tastier experience.

1 piece - 15,20 US$

Borosilicate glass water adapter suitable for the Crafty and Mighty vaporizer, allowing you to connect your vaporizer to any water pipe.
With the glass bubbler attachment for the Dabstorm, you can enjoy water-cooled vapours on the go. Easy to set up and produces thick vapour clouds.

1 piece - 35,87 US$

You can effortlessly hook up a DaVinci IQ to your favourite water tool with the extended mouthpiece adapter.

1 stycke - 12,77 US$

Sure, the IQ gives you plenty of ideas, but connecting a lightbulb is a bit much. Oh wait, it's the beautifully designed water tool that takes your IQ into uncharted…

1 stycke - 83,91 US$

Denna produkt är slut i lager.

Filter your vapour through water with this eye-catching, hand-blown glass percolator. It's compatible with the Dr. Dabber Ghost and any other 510-threaded battery.

1 piece - 120,99 US$

The ultimate add-on for the Dr. Dabber is an exquisite, handcrafted glass bubbler that cycles the vapour through water. Designed to be worn as a pedant for maximum swag. Atomizer…

1 piece - 120,99 US$

Handcrafted in the US, this is one hot piece of glass that bestows you silky smooth and moist vapours.

1 piece - 120,99 US$

The FlashVAPE water pipe attachment turns the Flashvape into a worldclass pipe vape!

1 piece - 23,10 US$13,86 US$

Easily connect your FlowerMate AURA vaporizer to a water tool using this screw-on adapter. The adapter's three piece design offers universal male and female compatibility.

1 piece - 17,63 US$

Pimp your Flowermate Swift Pro with this bubbler and enjoy smooth, aromatic vapour.

1 stycke - 23,71 US$

Easily connect your Flowermate Mini vaporizer to a water tool using this screw-on adapter.

1 piece - 17,63 US$

Easily connect your portable Flowermate 5.0/S/Pro vaporizer to a water tool using this (screw-on) adapter.

1 piece - 17,63 US$

This bubbler is a breath of fresh air for the true vape fans. No more sore throats from high temperature vapes with this attachment. Compatible with multiple vaporizers.

1 piece - 48,03 US$

A simple solution for those adventurous souls that want to use the Grasshopper on a bong with an 18mm downstem.

1 stycke - 7,90 US$

Put the double chamber of the Dual Haze V3 to work by connecting it to your favourite water tool with the water tool attachment.
Handcrafted in the USA by Ed’s TnT, the Haze Dual water tool is made from durable African blackwood. It's available in both 14 mm and 18 mm.

18 mm - 54,11 US$

The mouthpiece allows you to attach the HerbalAire Elite to almost any piece of glass. Fits 14 mm and 18 mm tapers. Note: only suitable for the HerbalAire Elite.

1 piece - 23,71 US$

Replacement borosilicate glass body for the Herborizer Bubbler.

Basic - 165,38 US$

Your as smooth as honey baby. This glass tower bubbler treats your throat, like honey in tea on a cold winters day.

1 piece - 71,75 US$

The Bottle Rocket accessory turns almost any narrow-neck bottle into a water filtration device for your Launch Box or Muad-Dib. Handcrafted from premium wood.
The portable glass stem cools the vapour. This stem is robust and durable and is made specifically for the Launch Box.

1 piece - 3,65 US$

The Orbiter diffuser attaches to your Magic-Flight Launch Box or Muad-Dib Concentrate Box vaporizer for smooth, water-cooled hits, sending you into high orbit on thick clouds of vapour. Includes two…
The Unnamed Filtration Object (UFO) is a unique bubbler for on the go water-filtered vaping. Made from water-resistant bamboo and suitable for the Launch Box and Muad-Dib vaporizers.

1 piece - 39,52 US$

The Water Pipe Whip is a new and exciting way to connect your Magic-Flight Launch Box to your favourite water pipe (14 mm). Using your Launch Box with water filtration…
The PAX 2 water adapter female by New Vape is designed to fit both the PAX 2 & 3, connecting it to a bubbler.

1 piece - 41,95 US$

The PAX 2 water adapter male by New Vape is designed to fit both the PAX 2 & 3.

1 piece - 41,95 US$

Connect a PAX 2 vaporizer to your favourite bubbler or bong with the PAX 2 Water tool adapter by Easy Flow.

Take your Sticky Brick Junior to the next level with this water pipe adapter. Connect it to your favourite glass and enjoy huge, smooth clouds of vapour.

1 stycke - 39,52 US$

Glass bubbler mouthpiece for incredibly soft and moisture-conditioned clouds of vapour.

1 piece - 35,87 US$

A glass adapter to attach your Storm vaporizer to a bubbler or any other 14 mm water tool. Includes a stainless steel screen.

1 piece - 23,71 US$

Warning: The Honey, glass bubbler by Easy Flow may become the new love of your life, dear I say it, the honey to your bee.

1 piece - 59,58 US$

The water pipe adapter for the TopBond Odin connects your Odin vaporizer to most male and female water pipe stems (14 mm and 18 mm).

1 piece - 11,55 US$

The water pipe adapter for the TopBond Torch connects your Torch vaporizer to most male and female water pipe stems (14 mm and 18 mm).

1 piece - 11,55 US$

This wonderful, one-of-a-kind device can best be described as a blunt without blunt wrap.

1 stycke - 29,79 US$

The VapeXhale Evo Adapter Kit allows you to use your existing glass rig together with your VapeXhale Cloud Evo vaporizer.

1 set - 71,75 US$

Denna produkt är slut i lager.

Hail to the king! The percolator in the form of a grenade gives the game away: this is the water tool that will blow your mind to funny coloured bits.

1 stycke - 266,31 US$

Denna produkt är slut i lager.

Be prepared to take your medicine in an epic way. It's the classic of classics when it comes to percolation: ladies and gentlemen, The Hydrabomb.

1 stycke - 229,83 US$

Denna produkt är slut i lager.

Take your Evo vaporizer to the ultimate level with the Precision Turbine. What will you find at the end of the glass journey? A silk-like vapour that will caress your…

1 stycke - 229,83 US$

This glass filtration tool can be attached to your VapirRise 2.0 or Vapir NO2 vaporizer to moisten and cool your vapour before you inhale it.

1 piece - 48,58 US$

Cool the powerful vapours of the VapirRise 2.0 with lab grade precision thanks to this excellent bubbler.

1 stycke - 83,91 US$

The Cane-Gun is a pipe adapter that can be combined with the Vapocane Fusion vaporizer and all diffuser adapters and glass bowls. Made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

1 piece - 20,06 US$

Denna produkt är slut i lager.

The Cane-Gun is a Sherlock pipe adapter that can be combined with the Vapocane Fusion vaporizer and all diffuser adapters and glass bowls. Borosilicate glass piece with 18 mm female…

1 piece - 13,38 US$

Denna produkt är slut i lager.

The easy to use glass bubbler for the XMAX Starry comes with a tube for some comfortable hydro vaping.

1 stycke - 17,63 US$

Connect your favourite water pipe to your XMAX Starry and enjoy smooth, flavourful vapour.

1 stycke - 11,55 US$

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