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VapCap HydraVonG

16614 DynaVap

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The HydraVonG is a most excellent successor to the VapCap NonaVonG. You’ll be surprised how comfortable this lightweight unit will roll through your fingers. And it looks amazing too!

With the HydraVonG DynaVap expands the organic VapCap style. The new stem features carved details which makes rotating the unit feel effortless. The handcrafted details also make the HydraVong into a real looker.

DynaVap also introduces a new carb hole. The shape is elongated and discreetly cut into the wood. The new shape makes it possible to modulate the vape-air intake with subtle motions.

If you are into water-cooled vapour the HydraVonG is the VapCap model you want. The stem is tapered to fit 14 mm joints on bongs and bubblers. No adapters needed, just place the HydraVong in the joint and bubble away into blissfulness!

DynaVap HydraVonG characteristics

  • Length: 92 mm
  • Midpiece: 62 mm stem
  • Condenser: standard
  • Titanium tip

What is the VapCap

The VapCap is a small and discreet vaporizer that operates without the use of electronics or a battery. Making it ideal for camping, festivals and general forgetfulness with no need for charging or spare pieces. It comes in a smell proof storage tube keeping it discreet.

How to use the VapCap

  1. Fill the tip with a small amount of herb or other material. The VapCap can also be used with resins and concentrates (just be sure to clean it well afterwards)
  2. Place the cap back on
  3. Use a lighter (ideally a torch lighter) to evenly heat the cap
  4. Once the cap makes a 'clicking' sound, your VapCap is ready for use.
  5. Inhale and enjoy the delicious vapour.
  6. The cap will click again once it has cooled down, ready to be heated again.

The Dynavap VapCap heats your material at temperatures between ~170°C and ~220°C. The temperature also depends on where you apply the heat, close to the very tip of the cap for lower temperature or closer to the other end for higher temperatures.

The Adjust-A-Bowl grooves allow 3 different levels of material capacity for customized use by simply re-positioning the titanium CCD.

Handcrafted in the USA

Please note: the colour and patterns of the wood vary and may, therefore, look slightly different than the ones pictured. Don’t forget to regularly clean the wooden part with some DynaWax.

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