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Sensatonics specializes in the holistic manufacturing of herbal tonics that are respectful of nature's bounty and 100% vegan. The company takes the utmost care to safeguard your health by avoiding any synthetic preservatives and aromas. Sensatonics' 'Herbal Kicks' in particular are sure to give you an energy boost as well as elevate your mood. Shop for Sensatonic herbal tonics at Azarius smartshop and let nature take you for a ride.

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The dancedrop for long nights! Kokmok liqueur contains the stimulating herbs Colanut, Galangal and Guarana. This cardamom-flavored drink gives you energy to party all night.

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Moonwalk is a liquid snack for zero-gravitation zones. Floating sure makes life easier!

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Barbarella´s tip for spontaneous stopovers on planets of love. The main aphrodisiacs in this organic herbal liqueur are Muira Puama, Damiana and Colanut.

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