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Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) extract 10x

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This Kanna 10x extract is made from high grade dried kanna cultivated in South Africa, where the Sceletium tortuosum plant originates.

South African tribes have used this psychedelic plant for well over a century in a variety of ways. Kanna was actually the name of the dried material of the Sceletium tortuosum plant, sometimes also called channa or kaugoed, but these days the two names are used interchangeably. Warriors returning from battle would use kanna to relax and for increased mental energy.

Kanna 10x extract effects

Kanna can be used after a stressful day to relax and find inner peace. This granular 10x extract also has a socially stimulating effect.


Traditionally Kanna was chewed and the saliva swallowed, but the African San were also known to use it as a snuff, sometimes with the addition of other herbs. Dosage for one tea cup is recommended at 200 mg. For more elaborate usage information, check the links below.

Kanna overview chart

Which kanna products should you choose? The chart below gives you a quick overview of the various kanna products Azarius has to offer.

Variety Information Potency
Kanna powder

The powdered kanna plant. Recommended for those who like a light effect.

Kanna tea bags

Kanna in handy tea bags with rooibos and chamomile.

Kanna Happy Honey

Relaxing blend of honey, kanna and valerian.

Kanna 10x extract

10:1 extract. Ten times more potent than the regular herb. Best used as a tea.

Kanna UB40 extract

Like UC2 but contains plant material to make it coarser. Perfect for use in a vaporizer at 188°C.

Kanna UC extract

Pure extract without plant material, stronger relaxation effect. Best ingested in a capsule.

Kanna UC2 extract

Like UC but best mixed with food. Slow onset; long-lasting effects. Best mixed with food.

Kanna ET2 extract

Potent extract with very rapid onset. For those experienced with kanna. Best used as snuff or tea.


Sceletium tortuosum is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). It should not be combined with other SSRI's (Seroxat, Prozac) or Mono Oxidase Inhibitors (MAO-I). Please refer to our MAO-inhibitor page for a list of products to avoid when using strong MAO-inhibitors.

Find out more about MAO inhibitors.


Our kanna encyclopedia page.

For more information about this interesting plant, please visit


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Millis 2018-02-06

Pretty cool, except that the packaging says to use as snuff when the website says to use it as tea. Works well with somewhat mild, but pleasant effects

Karim 2017-10-04

Snorted some of this and didn't feel much, my pupils got dilated alot for a few minutes, felt a little energy but nothing much.

Mrs. Butterworth 2017-07-21

A few days ago I tried this product, it was my first experience with kanna. I made tea of it and I was aiming for a dose of 250 mg. However, I used really shitty scales and I think I got the dose wrong and took waaay too much.

A few days ago I tried this product, it was my first experience with kanna. I made tea of it and I was aiming for a dose of 250 mg. However, I used really shitty scales and I think I got the dose wrong and took waaay too much.

I spent about three hours laying on my bed, being practically unable to move. It was as if my body was just not responding to what my brain told it to do. I was also unable to speak. I would try to formulate sentences, but it's as if my brain just didn't remember how to speak. If I made a tremendous effort, I could say one or two words before I'd slip back into some sort of brain limbo.

The kanna enhanced my senses, which was at some times really pleasant (my boyfriend took some as well and he was massaging my head with one of these spider-like metal head massager thingies and it felt amazing and it kind of got me out of my scary headspace). But all my other senses were enhanced to the point where I just got sensory overload from everything; any sound was too much and my eyes couldn't handle any light so I had to keep them closed. Also, any physical discomfort (like laying in an uncomfortable position) felt extremely, extremely painful.

My brain was just empty. As if I had taken a dose of ketamine. I would most of the time just see nothingness, sometimes suddenly disturbed by really frightening images (at one point I had my eyes closed and I saw the eyeball monster from Pan's Labyrinth coming at me in a renaissance dress which in this case wasn't funny but scary as hell). At some point, all I could do was lay in some sort of fetal position with my eyes closed, waiting for it to pass by. Which it did, and then I fell into a really deep sleep straight away.

I am bummed out beyond words that I took too much of it. I definitely noticed effects (being sensitive to touch, 'silence' inside my head) that would have been super pleasant, if they would have occurred in moderation. My boyfriend also took some, and he was feeling really buzzy a euphoric and at some point kind of sedated. He had a really great time, so I am upset that I got the dose wrong. This is, obviously, to blame on myself and not on the product. So I will definitely try it again soon, and I will try not to overdose (what a resolution!)

[Azarius: As you concluded yourself, try to be a bit more careful the next time with dosage. Your boyfriend experienced the desired effect.]

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