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It seems like only yesterday when Azarius took its first baby steps in the world of natural highs. 20 years later, we’ve grown into one of the leading smart shops in the Netherlands with a thriving seedshop, headshop and vaporizer shop to boot. We want to thank our customers for putting their trust in us all these years. In honour of this occasion, we offer 20% off some of our most renowned products, for a limited time only. Enjoy!

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Den är här: den efterlängtade PAX 3vaporizern. Uppföljaren till en riktig klassiker som har några stora nyheter. Den ser också otroligt vacker ut.
Hail to the Queen! Get the most out of your material and left overs thanks to the effective half-conical shape. Holds up to 100 gram of herbs, 3 times more…
1 piece - 40,37 US$32,29 US$
High end pocket scale that measures up to 100g with 0.01g accuracy. The scale is about the size of a smartphone and comes with a protective slide cover.
1 piece - 21,95 US$17,56 US$
We celebrate 20 years of Azarius with a special edition of one of our most beloved products: the exclusive Azarius truffle. Happy tripping everyone!

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Stacker XPLC 3 speeds up your metabolism tremendously.
100 caps - 28,82 US$23,05 US$
Ultra Critical is a fast flowering hybrid that is capable of delivering huge amounts of potent bud. A favorite amongst both amateur and experienced cultivators worldwide.

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