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OBS: Dessa frön är inte tillgängliga i Azarius butik i Amsterdam, men om du ringer till oss ett par dagar i förväg kan vi ordna och lagerföra de önskade fröna endast för dig. För kontaktuppgifter klicka här: Azarius butik.

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Supposedly ocean waves travel in groups of seven, with the 7th being the biggest. You get it: 7th Wave by Super Strains will get you the highest.

Otillgänglig i ditt land

By all rights Amajikoym's nickname should be Godzilla because she will tower over every puny plant in your garden.

Otillgänglig i ditt land

So there you have it, the original Amnesia, all-time favourite of many cannabis connoisseurs.

Otillgänglig i ditt land

Automatic Fini is based on AK-47. Its spicy and sweet taste will be appreciated by lovers of Asian cuisine.

Otillgänglig i ditt land

Death From Above? Down For Anything? You won't care about acronyms after you smoke this heavy bush.

Otillgänglig i ditt land

El Cucaracha is one mellow plant that is easy to grow. As much of a persistent survivor as the cockroach is has been named after.

Otillgänglig i ditt land

This slow but potent stoner plant has a nice sarcastic name. Enemy of the State? More like Friend of the People!

Otillgänglig i ditt land

Next of Kin is made for warmer climates. She just loves to marinate in the sun patiently growing into a big plant with generous yields.

Otillgänglig i ditt land

Can you pass the Turing test? Take a toke of this slow grower and the heavy stone will reveal if you're man or machine.

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