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Radically expand the AirVape Xs vape radius with this card-sized power bank. Your AirVape Xs will keep producing clouds on the longest trips, during blackouts and other adventures.

Don't call it a comeback! One of the best-loved vaporizers of all time returns, stronger, smarter and faster.

These natural power pills give you a great energy boost that keeps you dancing all night!

Straight from the Azarius labs comes the ultimate mineral complex. A formula so good we didn't even have to think of a cool name.

Coming soon: the Boundless Tera!

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California Indica Feminized seeds inherit fast, heavy flowering and a hashish-scented undertone from their indica ancestry. The Californian parent lends a delicious orange aroma and imparts a delightful lift to…

Go for the deep chill with a soothing Chamomile/CBD combination. All in one handy capsule.

Time for a cuppa CBD. The most soothing tea available. Tea time will never be the same again!

We proudly present to you: CBD Solid - hash that offers the benefits of CBD, doesn't get you high and tastes just like your favourite cannabis strain. 

CBDoobie is a unique CBD rich herbal supplement that can be used in many ways. Enjoy the soothing effects of CBD in a new way,

Get your galaxy of multi-coloured uppers, downers, screamers and laughers safely past the bouncer with this clever stash underwear.

Meet Dabox, a portable concentrate vaporizer. This user-friendly vape isn't only stellar in what it does, turning concentrates into amazing clouds of vapor, but is also a qualitative stunner in…

The all-important glass spacers for the DaVinci IQ. Reduce the volume of your bowl when you're vaping solo.

Sure, the IQ gives you plenty of ideas, but connecting a lightbulb is a bit much. Oh wait, it's the beautifully designed water tool that takes your IQ into uncharted…

Stylish and very efficient power bank to complement your DaVinci IQ (spoiler: it also works with other devices)

Connect your DaVinci IQ to any water pipe with a 14 mm connection (which is practically every water pipe).
FlowerMate V5.0S är en mycket prisvärd bärbar ört vaporizer som konsekvent levererar rena ångor. Denna modell har alla funktioner som V5.0 plus att den möjliggör tre temperaturinställningar.

This super durable, efficient and awesome looking grinder helps you to get absolutely hammered. Valhalla, I'm coming!

The Thorinder Mini might be the little brother of the Thorinder - it's definitely not any less powerful, durable and awesome looking!

Extra storage jar that can be placed in the HydroBrick Maxx. Your stash will always be right in front of you!

Five brand new corks for your HydroBrick Maxx storage jar.

This hybrid’s complex balance of sativa and indica qualities produces exquisitely structured buds with a fantastically dense coating of cannabinoid-rich resin glands.

This little friend is made of recycled material. It efficiently keeps your concentrates nice and fresh!

This clever storage jar keeps your favourite herbs deliciously fresh in the most eco-friendly way possible!

Replacement gaskets to shock-proof your Classic JyARz.

Replacement glass core for your JyARz Classic storage jar. Your stash will have a home again!

The Satchmo storage jar is named after legendary musician and cannabis enthusiast Louis Armstrong. This huge jar holds loads of space for all your herbs - and happens to be…

Who says cheese is only suitable for eating? With this Cheese and Afghan crossbreed you will now be able to smoke it.

The authentic tool to self-administer rapé (or yopo.) Blowing your own nose will have a totally different meaning from now on.

One of the secret weapons of the Linx Gaia is its intricate glass mouthpiece. Better get another one, just in case.

Replacement magnetic tool for your Linx Gaia vaporizer.

A replacement battery for the Linx Hermes 2. An extra battery can be a lifesaver on the road.

Replacement Linx Hypnos Zero battery, the body that powers your favourite concentrate pen vaporizer.

Enhance your sexual performance with these maca-fueled aphrodisiac pills.

If your world is crumbling and your Brick is falling apart: don't despair. This replacement stainless steel tube will keep your Brick together.

The flame intake is a pretty essential part of the Sticky Brick vaporizer. So better get a second one in case of a calamity.

These cotton swabs are specially designed to thoroughly clean your Puffco vape's ears - eh, chamber.

Who doesn't want a loading tool that's at least just as fancy looking as their vaporizer? 

This light-weight concentrate case by Puffco holds all your dabs and is the perfect companion for on the go.

Do you want to carry your stash around wherever you go and be super sneaky about it? This cool stash wallet is going to be your thing.

With its rich amethyst colour and brilliant shine, Kannabia's Purple Kush will be the jewel of your garden.

Denna produkt är slut i lager.

Bobinsana - also known as "Hug of Light" will add an amazingly warm and empathetic buzz to your Rapé experience.

Rapé is an ancient shamanic snuff from the Amazon rainforest. This blend contains Caapi, an MAO-inhibiting plant that adds a dreamy, trance-like effect.

This Rapé has an amazing minty aroma. It makes you feel grounded, focused and relaxed.

Enjoy a meditational Rapé trip with this relaxing Guarumo blend.

This Rapé blend is enriched with Guayusa - a strong energizer that can induce lucid dreaming.

The grounded, clear-headed effects of Rapé, combined with a happy, uplifting kanna buzz - we think it's a match made in heaven!
This powerful, uplifting Rapé blend enhances your mood, boosts your energy and induces lucid dreaming.

Try this energizing Rapé Matico formula for an energy boost during your Rapé trip.

Is it a freezer container? Is it a lunchbox? No! But it could just as well have been, which is why this scale is so super clever. Apart from discreet,…

Decadence to the max! This golden smoking paper is great for celebrating new year, your birthday or 420.

These beautiful maracas are handmade by the Shipibo from Peru, and can be used in Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Lube up your precious Sticky Brick vape for night-long sessions and luscious clouds of vapour. This butter keeps your Brick in the best possible condition.

Five carb corks that can be used with any Sticky Brick vape.

This borosilicate glass flame intake is specially designed for the Sticky Brick Junior, but can be used for any…

Four O-rings for your "preciousss" Sticky Brick Junior.

With this replacement stem, you can connect your Sticky Brick to any water piece with a 14 mm or 18 mm connection. 

Six stainless steel screens for your Sticky Brick vaporizer. And by that, we mean any Sticky Brick vaporizer.

Connect your Sticky Brick vape to your favourite water piece with a whip and this adapter. 

Use this adapter to connect your Sticky Brick vape to your favourite water piece.

This multi-functional tool for stirring, filling and cleaning is an essential for anyone who uses a vaporizer. Comes in a five-pack!

This wonderful, one-of-a-kind device can best be described as a blunt without blunt wrap.

Heaven forbids something happens to the wooden stem of your VapCap NonaVong. When damaged or if you just want a change of style this extra stem helps you out.

The core of the OmniVap is made of titanium. Virtually indestructible and a great base for the assembly of your own OmniVap.

The OmniVap XL is a longer version of the much-loved OmniVap vaporizer. Logically it needs a longer condenser.
Assemble your own VapCap vaporizer by adding your favourite wooden midsection.

The eternal question: is a larger vaporizer better? You'll have to check that out for yourself with the longer version of the famed VapCap Ti Woody flame vaporizer.

Carbon is the perfect material for vaporizers: it's lightweight and super strong. Add a titanium tip and a spinning mouthpiece and you have something like the perfect flame powered vaporizer.

OmniVap users know its charms which now are available for all DynaVap models. The VapCap titanium tip enhances heat distribution and lets you adjust the herb capacity.

Take your Evo vaporizer to the ultimate level with the Precision Turbine. What will you find at the end of the glass journey? A silk-like vapour that will caress your…

These feminized cannabis seeds grow tough, autoflowering Skunk plants whose buds are coated in white resin crystals.
Nice party pills for anyone who wants to dance all night and ditch the comedown.
The absolutely amazing vapour production of this hybrid vape makes you forget that this device has the same name as that horror film from the 80's that somehow everyone hated.
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