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Step aside, the legendary Cheese finally gets an automatic version. Cut it, smell it and smoke it! Taking weed to another level again.

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Boundless proudly presents its smallest family member yet: the CFC Lite. But beware, this stealthy vaporizer packs a punch!
1 stycke - 80,75 US$

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Hook your Boundless TERA up to a water pipe with this stylish blackwood adapter by Ed's TNT.
blackwood - 57,34 US$
The spicy Indian Chai blend is given an extra ingredient: CBD. Enjoy your traditional Chai in a completely new way.

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The classic green jasmine tea blend gets a 21st-century update thanks to a dose of CBD. That's one calming cup of tea.

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A tasty Darjeeling gets a CBD upgrade giving any teahead the best of both worlds.

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Loose leaf tea from CBDirective with a nice dose of CBD to tuck you in on a cold winter night.

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Mix of the best medical cannabis strains from Royal Queen Seeds.

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Keep your MIQRO in top shape with this convenient accessory kit.
1 stycke - 11,12 US$
You like to take your little DaVinci MIQRO on the road to get high, don't you? Always have a spare battery with you to keep blazing.
1 stycke - 11,12 US$
Did you swallow the flat mouthpiece of your DaVinci MIQRO? Luckily we have a spare.
1 stycke - 7,61 US$
Your MIQRO looks so great, it would be a pity if the surface got scratched. This stylish glove protects your MIQRO without concealing the main colour.
The soft case offers protection for your MIQRO wherever you take it. You can even stash some weed as it's smell proof.
1 stycke - 15,80 US$
USB cables disappear like teenagers in horror films. To keep your MIQRO easily charged you might invest in a second one.
1 stycke - 7,61 US$
Spare zirconium vapor path for the DaVinci MIQRO to keep your Chronic tasting as fresh as possible.
1 stycke - 8,78 US$
Extra transformator to power your favourite De Verdamper vaporizer with.
1 stycke - 40,37 US$
Turn your Fenix 2.0 into a conduction vaporizer by inserting this special titanium heating chamber.
1 stycke - 8,19 US$
Effortlessly remove the heating chamber from your Fenix 2.0 with this clever tool.
1 stycke - 5,85 US$
Den har allt det grundläggande utan att behöva tömma din plånbok. FlowerMate gör det igen med vaporizern Slick.
1 stycke - 92,45 US$
The FlowerMate UNO is an all-round portable convection vaporizer that packs a punch and will last all through the day thanks to its special battery.
1 stycke - 174,37 US$
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