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Who hasn’t erupted with laughter after getting high with the Volcano? Prepare yourself for even better highs with the Volcano Hybrid Easy Valve.
1 stycke - 690,78 US$
You can easily check the power level of the 18650 battery for your Arizer Air II or Go with this charge tester which comes with an extra battery.
1 stycke - 28,30 US$
Perfect the ArGo experience with this small bubbler which produces soft as satin highs.
1 stycke - 16,75 US$

Denna produkt är slut i lager.

Always craved a longer mouthpiece for your ArGo vaporizer? Wish granted in clear and black glass no less.
The frosted glass aroma tube connects your ArGo to 14 mm or 19 mm bongs and bubblers. Time to get really high.
Teaheads love CBD infused CBTea but what blend do you prefer? This handy sampler lets you discover your favourite cup of tea.

Otillgänglig i ditt land

CBMocha revolutionizes your daily cup of coffee with an infusion of CBD. Enjoy the benefits of a shot of caffeine with those of your favourite cannabinoid.

Otillgänglig i ditt land

Set of 5 replacement mouthpiece screens for the popular FlowerMate Slick vaporizer.
1 stycke - 2,89 US$
Forgot to clean the atomizer of your Focus V Carta and don't have any time to remove all the concentrate goo? Get a shiny replacement and puff away!
1 stycke - 34,08 US$
Use your Focus V Carta concentrate vaporizer to get high in the old school way with this dry herb atomizer.
1 stycke - 34,08 US$
Two extra batteries for the Focus V Carta vaporizer. Keep those dab sessions going!
1 stycke - 28,30 US$
Extra plastic carb cap helps you to control the airflow while vaping concentrates with the Focus V Carta.
1 stycke - 10,97 US$
Forget to clean the glass top of your Focus V Carta and is it giving a swamp like taste? This replacement bubbler restores that clean taste.
1 stycke - 34,08 US$
Take the Focus V Carta and your mind to the ultimate level thanks to the amazing original Helix glass piece. Get ready for mesmerizing hits.
1 stycke - 206,77 US$
Soften the strong concentrate vapour of your Focus V Carta with the excellent Helix Pill glass bubbler. Enjoy those silky hits!
1 stycke - 172,12 US$
Set of two quartz buckets for use in the Focus V Carta atomizer. Ensures even heating at high temperatures.
1 stycke - 19,06 US$
Set of two titanium buckets for use in the Focus V Carta atomizer. These babies can take a hit.
1 stycke - 19,06 US$
Get higher than ever before with the Focus V Carta, a portable dab rig that vapes cannabis concentrates in the blink of an eye.
1 stycke - 287,63 US$
Stylish black mouthpiece for the GHOST MV1 vaporizer.
1 stycke - 10,97 US$
Easy to use glass bubbler for even smoother vapour with your GHOST MV1 vaporizer.
1 stycke - 16,75 US$
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