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In 2019 Azarius celebrates its 20th birthday! Light a big Jay with our special anniversary smoking paper (with tips). Here's to another 20 years of getting you high.
1 stycke - 1,72 US$
AirVape Xs Go är en förvånansvärt lätt vaporizer som kan se till att du blir hög på ingen tid alls, vart du än är.
1 stycke - 79,32 US$
All glass mini whip (with glass screen) for vaping balloons with your Arizer Extreme Q.
1 stycke - 16,67 US$
All glass elbow adapter for extra cool hits using the whip on the Extreme Q or V-Tower vaporizers.
1 stycke - 14,37 US$
The Blue Lotus is also known as Blue water lily or Egyptian lotus. The effects of the blue lotus are both narcotic and euphoric, becoming slightly hallucinogenic at higher doses.…
Changing the battery of your CFC LITE can be quite an adventure when you're high. If the battery cover is suddenly gone a replacement fixes the problem.
1 stycke - 9,77 US$
Extra concentrate pad for use with the Boundless TERA.
1 stycke - 4,02 US$
Spare extended mouthpiece/water pipe adapter for the DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer.
1 stycke - 9,77 US$
Three metal picks and a handy keychain for scraping and picking all that THC-goo you left in your DaVinci MIQRO.
1 stycke - 7,47 US$
Replaceable quartz heating chamber for the Fenix 2.0 vaporizer for a different take on this great vaporizer.
1 stycke - 5,75 US$
The characteristic battery module is the heart of the FlowerMate UNO. An extra always comes in handy.
1 stycke - 28,16 US$
Always have an extra charging dock lying around for the powerful battery module of the FlowerMate UNO.
1 stycke - 16,67 US$
Extra water pipe adapter for the FlowerMate UNO vaporizer.
1 stycke - 16,67 US$
Pure convection vaping of concentrates can be achieved with this concentrate bowl and any Herborizer unit.
Colourful psychedelic Clipper lighter for all your stoner hobbies. You can stare at them for hours.
1 stycke - 1,72 US$
Light another phat one with this colourful Clipper lighter and reminiscence about your other favourite pastime: mushrooms.
1 stycke - 1,72 US$
Taking your weed smoking hobby to a cosmic level. These beautifully designed space weed clipper lighters are really far out.
1 stycke - 1,72 US$
Simple metal torch lighter that can take a hit. Easy to pocket when taking your flame powered vaporizer with you.
grå - 10,92 US$
You never knew cannabis concentrates could taste this good! The Linx Blaze pen vaporizer extracts every detail from your wax.
1 stycke - 148,30 US$
Extra Ace atomizer for the Linx Blaze concentrate vaporizer.
1 stycke - 36,21 US$
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