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Supposedly ocean waves travel in groups of seven, with the 7th being the biggest. You get it: 7th Wave by Super Strains will get you the highest.

5 frön - $ 35,10

A stylish vaporizer like the AirVape Xs demands a stylish cover.

1 stycke - $ 21,88

Set of three replacement screens for your AirVape Xs.

1 stycke - $ 5,43

Multiple prizewinner AK-47 gets an update by Amsterdam Genetics. Be prepared for some long-lasting relaxation.
Get ready for some heavy narcosis as provided by Mother Earth. And as a bonus AK-OG Kush produces so many crystals you could start a jewellery.
By all rights Amajikoym's nickname should be Godzilla because she will tower over every puny plant in your garden.

5 frön - $ 39,49

Amnesi-K is a powerhouse from Kannabia. A pleasure to grow thanks to its fine aroma. A joy to smoke with plenty of euphoric laughter as a result

5 frön - $ 31,81

So there you have it, the original Amnesia, all-time favourite of many cannabis connoisseurs.

5 frön - $ 49,36

Our Auto Frosty Bud grows and flowers so fast, it’s like magic! In only 9 weeks’ time, she’ll reward you crystal-laden buds that hold a spicy flavour and provide an…
What's that smell? Devil's Harvest Auto Reek’n, an automatic version of the award winning OG Reek’n strain. Powerful stuff.

5 frön - $ 60,33

Our automatic version of one of the most iconic strains in cannabis history.
Automatic Fini is based on AK-47. Its spicy and sweet taste will be appreciated by lovers of Asian cuisine.

5 frön - $ 39,49

The new version of the Nitecore Intellicharge i2 will help you charge your growing collection of rechargeable batteries.

1 stycke - $ 21,88

Big Band has deep sweet and earthy aromas during flowering periods thanks to its Bubblegum and Chronic genetics.

5 frön - $ 31,81

Replacement mouthpiece screen for the Boundless CF, CFX and CF Hybrid vaporizers.

1 stycke - $ 8,72

A spare loading cap for the Boundless CFV vaporizer.

1 piece - $ 8,72

Spare mouthpiece for the Boundless CFV vaporizer.
A replacement o-ring for the Boundless CFV mouthpiece.

1 piece - $ 3,24

Screens for the Boundless CFV mouthpiece. Contains 5 screens per package.

1 set (5 pieces) - $ 6,58

The name leaves little to imagination: this is one STRONG plant. Also takes some skills to grow, so one for the natural scientists.
A nicely balanced medicinal variety which likes the sun a lot and will award you with abundant yields.
Call the medic, this CBD mix by Dutch Passion will heal all your pains.
There is as many different blends of Chai as there is people, this blend is a unique one, just like you (and me).

1 piece - $ 5,43

In case something happens to the heating atomizer of your Dabstorm 2.0: no need to panic. This ceramic heating atomizer solves all problems.

1 stycke - $ 37,84

Death From Above? Down For Anything? You won't care about acronyms after you smoke this heavy bush.

5 frön - $ 35,10

DJ's Gold probably heightens you auditive perception while spinning records. Otherwise this is a high yielding Kush monster overflowing with flavour.

6 frön - $ 76,79

Straight outta the Martian hempisphere: a double dose of alien genetics guaranteed to abduct your mind.

6 frön - $ 54,85

The DynaStash is a beautiful addition to keep your VapCap in. Made of high quality wood in Walnut or Cedar.
El Cucaracha is one mellow plant that is easy to grow. As much of a persistent survivor as the cockroach is has been named after.

5 frön - $ 35,10

Do you crave tasty resin? El Fuego has been specially bred to drip with resin which in turn will make your lungs glow like a bonfire.

6 frön - $ 54,85

This slow but potent stoner plant has a nice sarcastic name. Enemy of the State? More like Friend of the People!

5 frön - $ 40,59

Think of the environment while smoking with these biodegradable slim filter tips made of organic paper.

1 stycke - $ 1,37

Florida Gold takes Florida OG to the next level thanks to a crossing with Jew Gold. Seen by many as a potential cup winner.

6 frön - $ 54,85

Your neighbours will think you started a lemon farm thanks to the generous Florida Lemons.

6 frön - $ 54,85

Looking for that state of mental flow where your mind just takes everything in? The FOCUS2 formula will lock your attention on any task without the use of caffeine.

1 stycke - $ 21,88

This variant is a cross of the original Girl Scout Cookies and a F3 selected White Widow XTRM. For the smoker with a sweet tooth.

5 frön - $ 43,88

Denna produkt är slut i lager.

One for the indoor growers. American style genetics make Glueberry O.G. into a large yielding powerhouse.
Feel the power of Kush contained in Golden Berry, a great all-round plant with plenty of resin.

6 frön - $ 76,79

Devil's Harvest gets into the Haze game with this potent cross between Super Silver Haze and Amnesia Haze. The result? A big, bad mother.

5 frön - $ 38,39

DNA Genetics dials everything to the max in order to make the strongest lemon strain available. So if you like to twist your lemons this is the plant for you.

6 frön - $ 76,79

This grinder is really all in one! Stash box, souvenir, and grinder.

1 stycke - $ 4,94

Gold grinders are one of the best investments around. Sadly this one is really made of metal. But it does possess a high bling bling factor.

1 stycke - $ 15,91

The Rocket is much more than a grinder. This is a complete ballistic solution for blowing your mind into space. Ready for take-off?

1 stycke - $ 42,78

This Azarius private label ‘super sativa’ contains genetics identical to those found in some of the most renowned haze varieties. The yields never fail to amaze, and its effects are…
Be squeaky-clean thanks to your favourite product from Amsterdam. Just don't smoke it.

35 g - $ 4,33

A genetic wonder straight out of the Sweet Seeds labs full of exotic scents which hide in beautiful crystals.

Denna produkt är slut i lager.

Yeah, yeah, white chocolate isn't real chocolate. But this hybrid of White Choco and Kosher Kush is the real deal. Expect a wild combination of tastes.
New and old meet each other producing a powerful, fast-growing strain, straight from the heart of Amsterdam.
The autoflowering version of La Blanca Gold is a small, fast-growing plant. The perfect daytime strain for a light smoke in between chores.
Are you looking for creative insights? Lemon Ice combines an uplifting daytime high with a sweet citrus taste.

Denna produkt är slut i lager.

A Champions League calibre cross between Lemon Skunk and Skywalker Kush is ready to take on any challengers.

6 frön - $ 54,85

A blue wonder from The Bulldog Premium Collection featuring finger-licking resin that looks like caramel.

5 frön - $ 35,10

Next of Kin is made for warmer climates. She just loves to marinate in the sun patiently growing into a big plant with generous yields.

5 frön - $ 43,88

Dutch Passion takes the smokeable fruit bowl to the next level with Passion Fruit. As a bonus you can expect high yields.
Peyote and cannabis, they're both green. Barney's Farm decided to combine them into one smokeable cookie. The result is some mind-altering stuff.
You don't have to be ill to enjoy the full flavour and deep bodily effect of Pineapple Kush. Better invest in a comfy couch too.
The shoulder bag for all psychonauts who want to transmit positive vibes.
Do you long for an old school stinker? A plant with a skunk aroma that almost gets you high by just smelling it?

6 frön - $ 43,88

This nice cross, also known as Muñeka Rusa, will turn your thought process into an infinite Russian Doll. The plant is highly resinous and easy to grow.

5 frön - $ 31,81

Small pouch by Ryot protects your stash and smoking apparel against the elements and beer-swinging festival-goers.
Cash and stash go hand in hand with the Ryot Rip-Kit. Thieves know this too. But no worries: you got everything chained up.

1 stycke - $ 31,81

Why do smoking papers have to be white? This transparent smoking paper lets you eye your prized herbs while you toke.

1 stycke - $ 1,10

Sour Kosher used to be a DNA Genetics freebie seed but as a result of overwhelming demand it know is available to grow in higher volumes.

6 frön - $ 76,79

"I'm drinking a soda, you got a problem with that too?" The ultimate secret stashbox is indistinguishable from a regular can of Pepsi.

1 stycke - $ 21,39

Let the Sweet Nurse calm you down and heal all your ailments with a nice dose of CBD.
Wear your love of Amsterdam with pride, with The Bulldog cap. Available in black or blue.
Out of the ballpark heavy hitter by Vision Seeds can reach THC levels of 25% and become a total stress killer. Another great Dutch-American hybrid.
The fat mouthpiece creates a seal for all VapCap models.

1 stycke - $ 1,65

Cool the powerful vapours of the VapirRise 2.0 with lab grade precision thanks to this excellent bubbler.

1 stycke - $ 75,69

Do you crave sweetness? Need a substitute for sugar? Just take a look at those crystal buds and imagine the taste of sweet fruit.
If speed is of the essence grab yourself some Vision Critical Auto seeds. The result is a relaxing smoke that keeps things civilized.
Heavy tastes but a light-headed high, the strange contradictions of this automatic version of Jack Herer.
Jacking up Tom Kush OG to automatic pilot produces a generous yielder which loves the outdoors.
White Alien is a F1 hybrid cross between Cannabis Cup Sativa Champion 2005 Martian Mean Green and the classic original White Widow.

6 frön - $ 54,85

Everybody loves white chocolate. So unsurprisingly this smokeable version became a big hit in Dutch coffeeshops.
A tasty White Choco version with Haze power-ups results in a beautiful plant which will infuse your daydreams with brilliant ideas.
A meeting between Holland and California with explosive results. Order some big containers because White Walker Kush keeps on giving.

6 frön - $ 54,85

Beginners run away, the XTRM in this version of White Widow is no joke. One of the most powerful strains in the world.

5 frön - $ 38,39

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