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Rökelse är en del av det Indiska arvet och har spelat en stor viktig roll i många forntida kulturer jorden runt. I årtal associerades rökelsepinnar med andlighet och meditation. Azarius har ett väldigt brett sortiment av rökelser för att lyfta ditt humör och väcka dina sinnen. Du kan välja mellan mystiska, herbal, spicy, fruktiga, blommiga och exotiska rökelsedofter.


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Aastha is a long burning incense with a floral fragrance, a little sweeter & lighter than Sai Baba Nag Champa.
The soothing smoke and aroma that is released on burning these incense sticks, provide harmony, peace and quiet. They also purify the atmosphere from negative influences.
Burning the chakra incense sticks will aid in the balancing of your chakras. Deep sweet fragrance.
Satya Dream Catcher is a new incense by Satya, the makers of the world famous nag champa.

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Beautiful wooden incense holder and storage box for your incense sticks. Available with Elephant, Yin Yang or Sun/Moon/Star decoration.
Get extra zen with this Buddha watching over your incense. Ideal for cones or stick incense.

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Handy and practical wooden holder for your favourite incense.
Aromatic incense with sweet, yet earthy fragrance based on masala (soft and moist).
Probably one of the best selling Indian incense in the world.
Contains 12 dhoop cones with holder. Sai Baba Nag Champa, enjoyed by millions, is the most popular Indian incense in the world. The fragrance can be described as aromatic, sweet…
Agarbatti possesses the power of fragrance that purifies the environment and provides peace of mind.

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Invite the true Peruvian Palo Santo experience into your home, a distinct and exquisite fragrance believed to purify the environment from evil forces and negative energy.
Purple Haze has been a popular incense melange since the sixties and fills your room with that authentic hippie fragrance.
This new, hard to find, aroma is relaxing and helps rekindle your thirst for fine fragrance.

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Mystical fragrance with a perfect blend of herbs, resins and masala (similar to Nag Champa).
Helps reduce the negative and increase the positive aspects of all zodiac signs.
Contains 12 dhoop cones with holder. This incense is masala based, like Nag Champa with a different aroma. It has its own unique fragrance, evoking a subtly different mood. Helps…

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Purifying wood, used as incense. Spreads a unique, strong and sweet fragrance. Available in blocks of 70-80 grams.

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The Palo Santo scented candle creates a long lasting and luxurious sweet fragrance in your home.
A rich lathering natural soap with the fragrance of Nag Champa.
This exquisite blend of aromatherapy oils with all natural ingredients works as skin tonic, wakes up your senses and brings freshness & calm to mind and body.

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