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Twinklerz space glasses

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The lenses in the Twinklerz space glasses diffract any source of light into a maelstrom of bright colours. The effect is mind-blowing and it turns your music festival or indoor party into an even greater experience! Feel like you're tripping, but without the risks and stigma of drugs.

These glasses will not only make you happy, they’ll launch you into outer space. When you put the Twinklerz space glasses on, it’s like swimming a different dimension: a spectacle of colour unfolds before your eyes.

The only trip you can turn on and turn off at will.


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igor 2016-01-17

You put the camera behind the glasses and than recorded for advertisement? verry genius!

Sekitei 2015-07-19

The best product I've ever bought. I now live days full of rainbows and nights full of psychedelics colorful lights. My care-bear world is now perfect.

Ulrika 2015-03-23

This glasses are fantastic! I honestly didn't think they were going to be that psychedelic. I actually bought them as a present, and they were highly appreciated. I do consider to get a pair for myself as well.

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