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00Box $ 96,13

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With the 00Box you can safely store your favourite herb. It features an extraction system and a hygrometer and humidifier for perfect conservation of taste and aroma.

00Box sizes

  • Small: 17 x 24.5 x 10.6 cm
  • Medium: 22 x 32 x 10.6 cm
  • Large: 32 x 46.6 x 10.6 cm

Extraction system

In the bottom of the box there is a fine mesh (136 micron), that separates the unwanted plant material from the rest.

Store your herb

The 00Box is made of cedar wood. Cedar wood is non-porous, but at the same time allows herbs to obtain the aroma and flavour of the wood, increasing its qualities.


For best conservation of taste and aroma, a hygrometer to monitor the humidity and a humidifier to provide the necessary humidity is included.

00box has won First prize for "best paraphernalia product" at the Spannabis fair in 2007.

Please note: we maintain a limit of one piece per order.

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