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Släpp loss elementet eld med vår svindlande mängd tändare, från de klassiska Clipper liknande tändarna till brännheta stormtändare. Vill du inte använda butangas? Oroa dig inte, kan det göras utan att tillgripa en potentiellt farlig gas; till exempel tändaren för solen eller via Hempwick.

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Cool, durable and silent. It’s the incredibly stylish plasma lighter by Novi. Get ready to use those plasma rays and burn some stuff. Any stuff.
Never panic when your lighter suddenly runs on empty thanks to a can of very pure butane gas.
300 ml - 4,07 US$

The Torjet might look like a normal lighter, but appearances are deceptive. It produces an epic, windproof jet-flame.

1 stycke - 2,91 US$
This bullet might not have butterfly wings, but it does have a double, wind resistant torch flame and some cool extra functions.
1 stycke - 40,14 US$
Spark up your royal smokeables with this legendary Excalibur torch lighter. Three powerful flames and a cigar punch make this a perfect lighter for flame-powered vaporizers and cigars.
1 stycke - 45,96 US$
Light up your smokeables and launch yourself to the moon with the Vertigo Rocket torch lighter.
1 stycke - 22,69 US$
With the Vertigo Venom 2, you can set things on fire in style.
1 stycke - 22,69 US$
How to ensure a flame under all circumstances? With four flames of course. This Cohiba torch lighter lights everything with a strong and even flame.
1 stycke - 28,51 US$
The Vertigo Stinger lighter produces four epic, wind resistant torch flames. You can also punch your cigar with it.
1 stycke - 22,69 US$
This Burning Torch uses a powerful blue flame to efficiently burn stuff.
1 stycke - 16,87 US$
Not kisses, or a symbol for the Red Light District. These three x's are the coat of arms of the wonderful city of Amsterdam.
- 1,75 US$
Lucky dip: owl, deer, racoon or cat. Which one will your clipper spirit animal be?
1 piece - 1,75 US$

Denna produkt är slut i lager.

This Clipper lighter is decorated with a well-known leaf and an original print of Rastafari colour specks.
1 piece - 1,75 US$
The metal rainbow clipper will feel like you have a tiny unicorn in your pocket. It is filled with magic (and butane gas).
1 piece - 9,89 US$

Denna produkt är slut i lager.

This lighter explains why most people visit Amsterdam, for the dank nugs and the mushroom (truffles).
- 1,75 US$

Denna produkt är slut i lager.

The original refillable Clipper lighter with a pot head print. The removable flint makes a perfect poking tool when rolling joints.
1 piece - 1,75 US$
A high quality Clipper lighter with both the timeless colours and recognisable symbol of stoners. Clichéd? Maybe, but be proud of who you are. If that fails, just say you…
1 piece - 1,75 US$
Handy Clipper lighter with a stylish lion in rasta colours. The Rasta Lion will light your joints and cigarettes with its fiery roar. And should his fire ever run out,…
1 piece - 1,75 US$
The original Clipper lighter; the ultimate lighter for stoners. This version of the Clipper is in retro style.
1 piece - 1,75 US$

Denna produkt är slut i lager.

When you're really baked, you don't have the energy to answer silly questions about your smoking habits. Luckily, this trusty Clipper lighter answers them for you. Every day? Every day!
1 piece - 1,75 US$
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