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Revolutionerande system för att utvinna THC-kristaller från dina växter såsom Pollinator, Bubbleator och Ice-o-lator. Dessa enkla eller högteknologiska produkter är ett måste för den som vill få ut det bästa av sitt växtmaterial.
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Hail to the Queen! Get the most out of your material and left overs thanks to the effective half-conical shape. Holds up to 100 gram of herbs, 3 times more…
1 piece - 40,09 US$28,06 US$
Make your own oil concentrate with the glass lab chic of EHLE.
That’s a nice wooden box on your desktop. Open the lid and marvel at those buds, as fresh as the day they were picked and cured.
Replacement filter for the Honey Bee Extractor.
10 stycke - 2,87 US$1,43 US$
With the Honey Bee extractor you get your own oil within one hour! No foul odours, no need to do a big clean up. Works without heater.
1 piece - 22,88 US$11,45 US$

Denna produkt är slut i lager.

This pocket-size press is made of heavy duty stainless steel and compresses materials into a compact mass. With the inlay stamps you can press different images.
1 piece - 182,39 US$118,55 US$
Who doesn't want to leave their mark? We're all imprinting each other anyway! 
A nice pollen screen box protects and filters your fine ganja. Strategically placed magnets keep the three parts in place.
1 stycke - 17,15 US$11,15 US$
Replacement filter for the Queen Bee Extractor.
20 stycke - 8,60 US$5,60 US$
Broken your frit while doing extractions? We've all been there. This replacement kit for the EHLE-x-Trakt takes care of any deterioration.
1 stycke - 14,34 US$7,17 US$
Make your own Rosin easily, with the Rosin Flat Iron by Black Leaf. The Rosin technique is a good one with no chemical solvents required, just heat and pressure.
1 piece - 34,36 US$24,04 US$
“Take the best weed you ever had. Multiply it by a thousand and you’re still nowhere near it.” That's rosin right there for you.
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