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Tillbaka till det naturliga sättet att odla cannabis på, med de bästa utomhusfröna,Vilket också är handplockade utav våran personal. Utomhusfrön trivs generellt i varmt väder och massor utav sol, Fastän ett antal strains är kända för att vara resistant mot mögel samt regniga klimat.

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Biddy Early will grow out to a classical Sativa Xmas tree with a height of approximately 1.8 to 2 meters. Because of its early flowering and maturation, it's very well…

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This award winning cross between Skunk, Northern Light and El Niño is well known for its medicinal properties and relaxing effect.

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That guy has some big buds! It's entirely possible that people will say this about you thanks to Big Buds by SeedStockers.

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The famous Skunk #1 “Cheese” pheno bred through the original Blueberry line.

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The Blue Power is without a doubt one of the prettiest and most pleasurable cannabis hybrids.

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A very sweet strain that is almost a pure Indica. The high of Bubba Kush is intense and physical, leaving a strong relaxation in your body.

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For excellent results and reliable outdoor performance, Early Skunk could qualify as the best all-round strain in the Sensi Seed Bank collection. She’s tough, fast and amazingly vibrant, and able…

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The most beautiful outdoor variety Dutch Passion has ever encountered. A Super Skunk female x Purple Star male. Absolute premium quality outdoor strain. A must for the outdoor grower.

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Looking for something new to spice up your old library? Cheese meets San Fernando Valley (SFV) OG Kush in this interesting new hybrid.

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