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De allra finaste cannabis fröna med hög procent utav CBD, handplockade utav våran personal. Denna cannabinoid är känd för dess lugnande effekter. Detta är anledningen till att sorter som innehåller hög procent utav CBD är populärt inom medicinskt bruk.

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Bona Dea by Vision is a beautiful blend of the world's finest indica genetics optimized to produce high levels of CBD.

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By crossing Critical Kush with the pure CBD mother plant –Barney’s Farm and CBD Crew have created Critical Cure. This new variety has exceptionally high CBD levels with an intense…

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CBD Skunk Haze comes from a project between Dutch Passion and CBD Crew. The goal was to achieve an optimum ratio of 1:1 THC:CBD for medical use.

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Cream Caramel CBD is the CBD-rich version of one of the most appreciated strains from the Sweet Seeds catalogue. The taste and aroma of this strain are sweet as candy.

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Nebula twinkles with the coating of THC glands, which are bound to take you into the realms of space.

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Shark Shock CBD is the fruit of a project carried out in close collaboration with CBD Crew. It is an extraordinary plant which is cultivated easily and grows powerfully, its…

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